In this section, a team of physicians specializing in medical genetics, assisted by professional nurses, carry out clinical genetics consultations for a correct patient classification, pre-test consultations that guarantee the appropriateness of the required services, and post-test consultancy for a correct interpretation of the results of the investigations carried out and to provide the patient and the attending physician with all the necessary information about the therapies available, the individual and reproductive risks, the possibility of preventive interventions at a family level.
In this context, the following are also held:

  1. a multidisciplinary clinic dedicated to children with Sexual Development Defects where, in addition to genetic counseling, at the same time are guaranteed the visit of the pediatric surgeon, endocrinologist, psychologist and the rapid execution of the necessary tests for a correct attribution of sex in the child with ambiguous genitals that will be later subjected to the appropriate surgical interventions;
  2. an outpatient clinic for hemochromatosis, the most frequent genetic disease, and alterations in iron metabolism;
  3. an oncological genetics clinic for the identification of subjects at risk of developing tumors due to the family segregation of mutations in specific oncogenes or tumor suppressor genes;
  4. an outpatient clinic for Ehlers-Danlos and connective tissue diseases.
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